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The end of the works at the Castel

Dear friends who have followed our adventure of transformation of the Castel, from a charming hotel and restaurant into a charming condominium with 11 apartments, here we are back to tell you where we are. Finally, the end of the works was slower than expected (apparently this is usual in this type of project, but we didn't know that!) and we can say that this transformation project was completed around December 2022. It took 1.5 years to get there. It was an incredible project and now that we've done it, we can't believe all that we were able to learn and experience by embarking on this adventure. Of course we spent much more than we thought at first. Of course I haven't slept well for months and months. Of course Philippe got very upset. Halfway through the project, I said to myself "if I had known it could be so complex and cumbersome, would we have started?" But we had no choice at that moment : we had to go all the way. Go ahead or die. And we moved forward surrounded by good local companies that did quality work. We financed the work gradually thanks to the sale of these apartments. In the beginning we bought ourselves one where we live today (in the first level, our living romm was the old kitchen of the castle, it's funny, isn't it? ) and then our children Stephane, Julia and Pablo followed us doing the same. Together embarked on the same adventure, wonderful children and also attached to this building as much as we are. And then others also fell under the spell of this project and the Castel and in their turn became happy co-owners of the Castel. Today 8 apartments are sold, the small joint ownership created and with a voluntary trustee, me. We feel good inside, the old walls helping to protect and shelter us. Spring is coming, the beautiful sunny days and we are preparing corners in the park and terraces to meet in the summer and improvise aperitifs and dinners with friends, swimming in the large swimming pool will be a must. There are 3 apartments left for sale that you can see on this site, I have put a lot of photos to get an idea. Visits are organized, we are confident, the Castel will make its charm and these apartments will find their happy future owner. If you are ever interested do not hesitate to contact us, you are welcome!

We will always have fond memories of the years 2006 to 2021, which allowed us to meet and welcome you to Le Castel!

Yolanda et Philippe

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